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Sports Therapy

 We all are sports fans here at E. Diggs Jewelry and we provide beautiful jewelry to athletes  that are not only stylish but beneficial and therapuetic as well. We are able to do so by using the gemstone known as Magnetite.



Magnetite is a natural gemstone that has magnetic properties. It's proven to reduce sports injuries and to accelerate healing and recovery.

Magnetite has been proven to provide increased athletic endurance and performance. Magnetic energy warms up the muscles and joints so that performance is increased, serious injuries are reduced, and increases blood flow to the muscles, thereby increasing strength.


One of the major actions of magnets is to decrease spasms in muscles. If you pull a back muscle or you’re under a lot of stress, those muscles may tighten up. Placing magnetite over those areas can make a significant difference.


Local applications for these types of problems. Wear magnetite for several hours, and then take a break from it. Either wear the magnetite all day and take it off during the night or vice versa. The same rule applies to joint pain. A magnet can be taped over the joint for a set period of time. Additional benefit can be derived if magnets are placed over corresponding acupuncture points.

Magnetite starts working as soon as you start touching it. Eighty percent of the population feels a substantial difference in their bodies in just one to 48 hours. Twenty percent do need two or three weeks.

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